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    wht is the best optimization for this ?

    i have just buy a Dedicted server from FASTserv.
    this is the server information :

    OS: CentOS 3.4 i686
    RAM : 8 GIGA
    No. of Cpus: 4 ( 2.80GHz )

    i will transfer about 100 sites ( forums..databases )

    i want to know what is the best settings of MY.CNF and HTTPD.CONF and the sysctl.cnof file ?
    to make the server smoothly run ....

    thnx in advance ...

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    Great !!!
    10 views ....and no answers....

    okay ...can any one provide any link that explain that at least !!!


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    Maybe no one who viewed this thread had a good answer. I'd be willing to bet that at least 5 or 6 of those 10 views were you checking to see if anyone posts an answer for you yet.

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    Well, I'll start off by being a bit "snarky". You bought a webserver without knowing how to set up httpd.conf? All that info is readily available in the MySQL and Apache docs.

    Ok, to business:

    A decent article on my.cnf can be found at

    Beyond the Apache docs, a goo starting place for httpd.conf is

    As for sysctl.conf there are lots of considerations that a read through docs and a google search will cover (more than can be written here)
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    Exactly. the best place to start is the docs for whatever software you are using. mysql's manual can be a bit daunting, in which case google is usually pretty good. "Mysql tuning how to" and the like would probably point you in the right direction. Exactly what you want to do will very much depend on the exact usage on your server (for both apache and mysql).

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    Originally posted by cent OS
    Great !!!
    10 views ....and no answers....
    It was only 2.5 hours. If you need quick, useful answers to your admin questions, perhaps you should... pay for them. Admin services usually have a tune & harden package you can purchase.

    If you server does, in fact, have 8 GB of RAM, you would be hard pressed to screw it up enough to struggle on 100 moderate sites. You will need to tweak Apache's MaxClients and MySQL's max_connections, though.
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