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    BoxedPixel's Custom Design Service - Ready for you project!


    As BoxedPixels was recently launched I would like to invite you to use our custom design service. Our services include Icon design, Web design, Logo design and Banner design.

    Please view my Portfolio

    Please feel free to read our past client’s testimonials here

    Our Prices are reasonable and do vary so I cannot give you an exact quote, however the prices below are my normal prices,

    Icon Design - $5-10 Per Icon
    Logo Design - $40
    Web Design - $100+
    Banner Design - $12-$15

    Please contact us using one of the methods in my signature or via PM and we will reply as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Kind Regards,
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    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    To everyone thinking of hiring BoxedPixels, we have outsourced and worked with them many times in the past and they are a reliable, professional and extremely quality company. We could definitely recommend them as a brilliant service!

    Regards, Tim Lowe
    CEO FiveInteractive
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    Looks very, very nice.

    How much would you charge to design a very, very small design fo All it entails is a logo and a box for displaying info.

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    Thanks for your interest, I will be in contact very shortly.
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    Great work boxed, definitly recommend your services

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    Thanks alot talkfreelance!!
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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