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    How are WHM and WHMAP related?

    I've just set up whmap, and I'm not sure how the whm integrates with it.

    I already have about 10 people set up on whm, but there are none showing on whmap -- I guess I'm just not clear on how the two programs relate to each other?

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    WHM is a control panel. It's part of the cPanel/WHM package.

    WHMAP ('WHM AutoPilot') is a billing and auto account setup program that can automate certain aspects of setting up hosting accounts via WHM.

    My advice would be to have a thorough read of the WHMAP documentation and forums. They'll tell you how to go about configuring WHMAP so that it ties in nicely with WHM.

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    Ok, can I find out how to migrate sites I already have on whm over to the whmap system?

    It would be self explanatory had I started fresh with whmap from the beginning, but I have sites and packages already set up through whm, so it's a little confusing.


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    The sites that are already setup are fine. You really should read up on WHMAP as I am not sure you understand what it is/does.

    However, If you started using WHMAP as your billing setup, it would basically aid in the setup of future accounts. The accounts currently on the machine wouldn't be effected by WHMAP.

    Hope I am not confusing you more.. In any event, Good Luck!

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    WHM and WHMAP complement each other - one doesn't replace the other.

    WHM (and cpanel) is used for actually hosting the sites and working with the server.
    WHMAP is used for billing, client area, order form etc...

    You would use WHMAP to bill users for accounts, and WHMAP will then create the hosting account in WHM. WHMAP doesn't replace WHM, it complements it.

    There is a utility within WHMAP to get a list of your accounts in WHM into WHMAP. As disoft said, it'd probably help if you searched through the whmap forums as you'd hopefully understand a lot quicker what it does and how to do it

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    I'm not totally lost. I understand that whm manages the accounts, and that whmap manages the billing/tickets, but a lot of controls overlap, yet seem not to work with how I have things set up.

    I've been looking around a lot, and I can't seem to find much more than bits and pieces of information...

    For example, I tried automatically setting up an account through whmap, to also create an account on the server at the same time. I filled in the correct information, pressed go... and nothing happened as far as the server goes. So, in an unrelated search, I found that it's A) Not possible without root or B) Only possible when the account packages are identical in both whm and whmap or C) a combination thereof.

    What's the skinny?

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    I've just spoken to my hosting support, and while they tell me I can't currently set up automatic accounts, they also don't know the circumstances under which I WOULD be able to.

    Would I need root access to a dedicated server to do this? I'd really like instant account creation for my service, but that may not be possible.

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    You do not need root access to a dedicated server. Look for the remote access key in your WHM.

    I think this should help you with what you need,

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    Yeah, I've actually done that -- access key and all... no dice 8(

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    You might want to consider posting on the WHMAP forums or submitting a support ticket. You'll get better support that way

    Anyway, what you need to do:
    1. Setup server with WHM access key - you don't need to be root, just a reseller.
    2. Create packages in WHM. Then create the same packages in WHMAP (if you had root access you wouldn't need to do this). Packages should be in the form resellerusername_packagename, not just 'packagename' when setup in WHMAP.
    3. Away you go

    If that isn't working, I really do suggest reading the WHMAP forums ( there are plenty of threads that cover this), and then post in the forums or submit a support ticket if you can't get it to work.

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