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    Apache keeps failing?

    My image-upload server service is going rather well, but I cant seem to understand why my apache keeps failing? Im told its because I have too many connections or something, But I dont really understand.
    Can anyone offer a solution or an explination?

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    I think we're going to need more information about this one. Do you have log entries; 'top' displays when it's up and running etc.?

    When you say it's failing, do you mean the service is crashing or do you mean it's just failing to serve the web pages?

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    is this a dedicated server?

    ask your support guy to add another stick of RAM, see if this solve the problem. if yes then, pay for it. If not, I think you need to recompile apache - use the latest version of 1.3 branch.

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    Probably reached its max child limit, edit this in your httpd.conf file, remember though lifting this might cause your server to run like a slug.

    For image upload hosting though i'd suggest using thttpd, lot lighter.

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    you could try reducing the KeepAliveTimeout in apache. in many cases this can help, but i suggest you read up about this before you use it.

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    The server spec is rather beefy, 2.8ghz p4, 2gb ram using centOS.
    Apache keeps failing, as in goes "down".

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    As Dan suggested, you may want to try using thttpd instead.

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    Thanks. But would this still be the best idea when Im using an account based image system? ALl users data will be stored via sql and using seperate user files for each person.

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    How do i check what IP addresses are connecting to apache?
    My host said they blocked 4 IP ranges that were slowing down the server, how can i avoid this in the future?

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    Read /var/log/messages and/or have a look in /var/log/httpd to see what's going on, then maybe people will be able to help?

    If some IPs are slowing the server down, look into installing mod_dosevasive and mod_throttle, they're great at preventing such things.

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