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    What do you do for a firewall and virus protection

    I am still looking into the dedicated windows servers and I see some of the servers are cheaper because they are unmanaged. They do not have the firewall protection and antivirus software loaded and that it is up to me.

    What do you do in this case? What software can you put on there that will provide the virus and firewall support?

    Does windows 2003 standard have somethng built in?

    Can you just throw on the free zonealarm?

    Please assist

    Thanks a bunch

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    I'd recommend a hardware firewall...

    Remember you are going to have to open up ports for specific applications to have access to the network.

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    If I needed to host on a windows box I'd throw either a hardware firewall or something like IPCop in front of it. I know people who don't (or who prefer to use another box running ISA because of their comfort with Windows systems), but I just don't trust a Windows box connected directly to the internet.

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    A well adminned windows 2003 machine can use the built in firewall and be fine. Keep im mind this means just about everything else is locked down tight. Of course depending on exactly what you are running and need to do, this may be easier or harder for you. It generally is easier to use a netscreen/sonicwall/hw fw of choice here, but that still wont protect you if theres a new IIS exploit and you have IIS open to the for AV, the only time I've had AV on my windows servers is when they are fileservers with more than just administrative access or email servers. In which case wha tI use depends on whats being implemented.

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