We at ScarabWeb offer several hosting solutions at very affordable prices.
Our services are mainly aimed at individuals and small businesses and in our 5 different hosting plans there's something for everyone.

ScarabWeb Basic
At $1 per month this is our smallest hosting plan. Unlike the other accounts, it does not have a cPanel, nor is it directly linked to a domain name.
Instead, these users can access their sites from a subdirectory, for example: http://users.scarabweb.com/username/
CGI and PHP is enabled for these accounts.
Bandwidth: 1.000 MB
Disk Space: 25 MB

All other accounts come with cPanel and the usual options. Please check our site for more details.

ScarabWeb Bronze
Disk Space: 250 MB
Bandwidth: 3.000 MB
Email Accounts: 10
MySQL Databases: 5
Price: $3

ScarabWeb Silver
Disk Space: 500 MB
Bandwidth: 5000 MB
Email Accounts: 50
MySQL Databases: 10
Price: $5

ScarabWeb Gold
Disk Space: 750 MB
Bandwidth: 10.000 MB
Email Accounts: unlimited
MySQL Databases: unlimited
Price: $8

ScarabWeb Platinum
Disk Space: 1.000 MB
Bandwidth: 15.000 MB
Email Accounts: unlimited
MySQL Databases: unlimited
Price: $10

Sign up for one year and you get two months of hosting for free!

More details about these accounts and a complete comparison overview can be found at our site at http://www.scarabweb.com/

We offer support via email, contact form, support tickets and our community forums.

We hope to welcome you soon!