I know it's a strange one... but has anyone had any experience with Intersystems Cache' database hosting. Cache is an object oriented multidimensional database.Website here

I saw a cool demo from a VAR where he was typing a patient's last name (medical app) and it filled in the rest as he typed. This was in a web browser. I checked the page source. There was a small applet that talked back to the server as he typed. This was on a LAN, and probably wouldn't be efficient on the net, but I was wondering if anyone had seen it. I've downloaded the developers version for some development work with the VAR. But I'd like to see if I could put that experience to use for some personal projects as well.

I found one link that seemed to say they offer in via google-ing. But they're french, and I couldn't find details out. My french is a little rusty - by 20 years... http://www.anthealanguages.com/tradu.../alcade-en.htm Look on the right hand side of the page.