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    Lightbulb What I need in a reseller account. Who should I use?

    I have been planning on starting a web hosting company for a while now. After deciding that I will be starting with a reseller account, I have to pick one. I ran across and but found that both kind of suck. My requirements are as follows:

    Located in USA
    Good Network
    At least 5-8 GB of space
    At least 100 GB of bandwidth
    Unlimited domain name hosting
    A control panel, which I can use, and supply to my customers
    **Control panel supplies me with billing, sales, marketing, etc.
    Good speed, reliability, support, etc.
    All the normal software (PHP, My SQL, etc.)

    Under $100.00 a month

    **Now I am pretty sure all reseller accounts are managed but I could be wrong. I want one to be managed. Updated when updates come out, keep unwanted people out, etc.**


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    See if you are planning for a reseller than you can get really cool offers under$100... but dont go with VarHosting...They are facing many problems right now.....

    I would suggest you to buy a server from Sagonet..Ive seen an advert that sagonet is leasing servers in $65..Im not sure about the pricing but you can try them!
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    You may want to check out DIYHosting or DigitallyJustified. I am not 100% sure whether they offer any US based accounts or not as both are Canadian based. DIYHosting I "believe" uses HSphere control panel which has most of the things you are looking for. DigitallyJustified uses cpanel, but they are great in helping you setup software like modernbill and merchant accounts
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    Then a H-Sphere reseller is the way to go.


    Do a search for H-Sphere hosts and you will find lots of them, then just read some reviews.

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