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    Prepaid Legal

    Anyone using a pre-paid legal service that you are happy with?

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    I've been a member of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. for probably 3 years. I've used them mostly for personal stuff and don't have a business plan. I think they are really the only game in town. There are some others, but they aren't even anywhere close to the service that PPL has since they have spent 30 years building up their law firm provider network.

    Their web site is .
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    I personally view Pre-Paid legal as yet another MLM scheme. It could be a viable service for large corporate customers looking at add to their employee benefits package, but other than that I think it's just a service that most people could really do without. Board Hosting Directory
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    Pre-Paid Legal is an MLM with a great product/service. I am one of their members. I do not sell the product to people, but I pay them just in case I get sued for something. The fact that it is an MLM does not deter me. If the company simply sold the product and their recruiters didn't get paid on recruiting other people, they'd still have a great product (actually, their product is a service).

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    358, you certainly don't have to sell the product to become a customer and use it. Yes, it is a service. I have used it several times with very good success.

    One example, we had a very big problem with Citibank. It was partly their fault and a little bit our fault. Basically, it result in our credit rating getting a hit which made the interest on one our OTHER credit cards default to the non-preferred rate of 21%, after it had been 9.9%. On a $10,000 balance, that is not small change.

    The other bank would not accept the fact that the mark on our credit was an error. And Citibank is so big, you can't get a hold of the right person, if you even can reach a live person. Anyway, we tried for about a year to straighten this out on our own, writing letters mostly, with NO resolution.

    We finally called our Pre-paid Legal law firm. The attorney had us write out the sequence of events. He then drafted a letter and sent it to Citibank. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I certainly was. I got a call from Citibank within 1 WEEK and they were ready to bend over BACKWARDS to make sure this issue was resolved to OUR SATISFACTION. I got a direct line to this person's desk in case any other issues came up.

    Finally, Citibank sent a letter to the credit bureau fixing their error and after that, we were able to prove to Chase bank that the credit report was a mistake and they refunded all our extra interest we had paid for several months.

    Ya, I could have hired an attorney to write a letter, but for $200 or $300, I probably would not have. Having PPL game me alot of
    leverage I would not have had otherwise.

    This is not the only time we've used it. I also used it once to get someone to pay me for copyright enfringement when they were using my web page design for another site and were so stupid as to leave links to graphics on my server in the page. I was able to find pretty easily where the hits were coming from and track them down. After ignoring my emails, a letter from my attorney got their attention real fast and they agreed to pay me $25 x 6 months for hosting graphics for thier illegal site they had copied from me.

    There are several other experiences too, but these should suffice to show the service is well worth the small investment.
    Beenanza, LLC

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