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    Review Appreciated

    Hi everyone. Freshly launched Canine Paradise... and I would very much appreciate any feedback and critiques on the site. What you like...don't like...what could be done better....loading time...etc.

    Here's the link:

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    In general, the site is OK. IMHO it lacks the spice a little bit - somewhat too 'general', common design; nothing fatal, though

    A few tips:

    - the right image doesn't really need that blueish border also, a "more dogs..." link would be cool there;
    - central section looks a bit disstructured. Consider rearranging text blocks - maybe move 'dog of the month' outta there, or expand it down so that it would 'stand' on the lower block, not 'hang in the air';
    - overall, the site would benefit from some more information - maybe caption block, or newsblock, don't know. Not too much to read on the title page - you push me to join but don't motivate me with some interesting goodies

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for the feedback, Yaroslav. It is indeed very helpful. I do agree with you that the center block is rather "off". I've had several comments in terms of cluttered... or legibility issues.

    I will definitely rework the home page based on your feedback.

    More comments/feedback welcomed folks.


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    As stated, very nice site! Aside from what's already been noted:

    **Excellent usage of language with your text! Your site is thorough and easily readable, a big plus!

    **I'd move the "tip" section up a little or create a side link. (Did I miss it?) I find that to be an excellent category, but almost missed it.

    **Your forum integrates with your site very well. Nicely done.

    Best of luck!

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    The site itself looks okay, but I would suggest the following:

    - There really isn't much use for tables on that site, so try to do without them.

    - You don't use CSS in all of your elements (such as text, with fonts). I would suggest both optimizing your CSS with shorthand, and using it where ever you can to decrease page size.

    Other than that, good job!

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    Concerning the loading time, it loads fast enough. You dont need many more improvments for this type of site.
    Just the top central menu

    # Care
    # Training
    # Health
    # Forum
    # Gallery
    # Articles
    # Term

    seems to be a lil bit out of place and shifted on the right, you may probably center it more.
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