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    [WANTED] Designer - PSD Only - No Slicing


    Let me start by saying that this will not be enough work to make even a part-time job. I'm talking somewhere between $50-$150 per week depending on our workload.

    I've run my webdesign company by myself for the last three years, but business is picking up and I prefer the coding side of thing. Since I obviously do not want to drop the quality of service delivered to clients I am looking for someone to take over the workload as far as the basic design goes.

    You will be responsible for designing logos and website templates. From there I will take care of all development including template slicing. The most important thing aside from being skilled enough to fill the position is that ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED ON TIME. I've pulled hair out of my head trying to find people who are online consistently and will have something completed when they say they will. The timeframe is usually 2-3 days, which means that if i give you the description of what the template needs to look like I expect something presentable to show the client for feedback within 48-72 hours (whether its a logo, or template).

    Pay will be based on two things; Skill level and Complexity. Pay will be $50-$100 per template, with $25-$50 per logo. Those people who have worked with me know I am fair. If we'd agreed on $70 for a template and you blow me and the client out of the water with the template I've been known to double the pay as a thank you, but this is the base fees.

    To Apply
    I'm a laid back person and don't require a formal resume. What I do want is a list of sites and logos you have done in the past that showcase your skill and contact information including telephone number. You can post in this thread or PM me.

    DO NOT
    Do NOT simply post "We'd be interested, send me a PM" or "We can meet your needs, feel free to contact us" - I won't. Follow the instructions above.

    Thanks to everyone that applies, I'll get back to everyone to let them know if its yay or nay - I won't leave you hanging. Please don't be offended if I am careful with you at first as I get to know you. I'm sure you understand that I am willing to jeopardize a client's project with someone I am working with for the first time.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from applicants.

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    All PMs have been responded to. If you didn't get a response from me please PM again.

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    Again, all new PMs have been answered.

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    I received a very good response. No more applications please. If I find I need more I will post again.

    Thank you.

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