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    Software to watch for outgoing spam?

    After a couple of spam incidents on my server, I'm looking for some software to watch for outgoing spam so I can kill it quickly. I need something that can:

    -Monitor spam sent from my client's location through my server (ie, through a mail client)
    -Monitor spam sent through scripts on the server
    -Email me if there's a problem so I can look at it

    Ideally, the email would be sent through some sort of spam filter to weed out people sending their newsletter to their customers or something else legitimate, but even just watching for a sudden spike of more than x number of mails sent at once would be a help. It would also be great if I could automatically receive a copy of whatever is being sent out so I can see immediately if it's a regular newsletter or bad spam. I know I'm really reaching here, but I'd like to whitelist certain clients who I know to be sending legit email blasts.

    Is there software out there that comes close to this?

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    Check out

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    This script can do the trick

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