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    ASCII Picture for sale is for sale. This is a new website I made so it has little revenue and traffic.

    This is a very useful website, easy to promote and fun to play around with all the different options. It's like painting a picture in the ASCII format

    I'm looking for around $200 for it.

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    what`s the script used in the site ?
    free or commercial script ?
    also plz pm me with revenue and stats

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    neat but no use for it in the real world

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    I'd also like to know if that's a custom script or not?

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    For you guys asking about the script..... did you happen to do a View Source? If you did you may have seen this on line 3 or so:

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    Thanks for questions, PM's sent.

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    That is really neat.
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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