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    vrtservers exremely slow for you?

    our server is very slow . with speeds like 100bits! less then one Kbit.

    Some one else feel it?


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    Any body here use vrtservers?
    over 7 hours no one fixing the network problems there.

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    Seems alright to me. Seems fast.

    Could you do a traceroute from where you are to the server ?

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    there main site is ok ,but there BTN network servers is not good at all.
    there main web site is Global Crossing and customers is BTN.

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    BTN based server

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    We've notice a huge drop in speeds too..

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    Horrible ,its about over 7 hours already....

    some one got jim's cellphone? i know he provided it to some customers.... maybe some one can call him up and tell him ?

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    I dont have it, but you did email him I assume?

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    yes my friend shane emailed them alot

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    I just don't get it!
    I asked my friend he see the slow speeds since 14 hours ago. means no one fixed it since 14 hours.

    how company able to work like this? they got no network engineers at no? and if jimmy the ceo knows about this problem why don't he fix it? he got around 4k customers which is a lot ,how could he let all this customers be down for so long time?

    Are they going to compensate the customers for this?

    Reg ,

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    your server starting with 207.. ?

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    my server 205.-.-.- down more then 7Hr
    now work fine i need move form F**K network

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