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    Thumbs up Fast upgrade with LiquidWeb


    I have one dedicated with LiquidWeb, its all right, these guys are very professional.

    The server: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz HT with 1Gb RAM, running Fedora Core 2 and WHM/cPanel.

    The mission: Upgrade this server to a Dual Xeon 2.66Ghz with 2Gb RAM... without re-install and minimal downtime.

    Result: in exactly 40 minutes, my server back with new configuration.

    I just order the new server and schedule the best time for me (2-5am) - nothing more, just sit and relax...

    Maybe this is normal for some people, but LiquidWeb staff are great, the service is very good also. Since I started with LiquidWeb (4 months) I get 100% uptime, monitored from two external locations.

    Thanks Zac and all LiquidWeb staff.

    Alvaro Carneiro

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    Good to heard that, just moved to them 2 weaks ago

    So far so good, Very good staff and Very good Network.
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    That's good. Maybe I look for them when i need a dedi
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    Kudos to LiquidWeb. Nice to hear a good review =)

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    I have 4 servers and a vps with them, only complaint I have with them is they have no unmetered plans tis a shame Most of the guys know who I am when I call.
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