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    * Yahoo Web Hosting for Small Businesses

    Hello All,

    Has anyone recently used Yahoo for Web Hosting? They seem to offer a lot at an affordable rate. Please share any experiences.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    You can read previous posts on yahoo here:

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    Yahoo domains is terrible.

    I've had to use the support for yahoo small business. The wait time on the phone is about 5-10 mins. The support staff is usually somewhat informative. The email support seems worse, autoresponses or canned messages.

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    they provide a lot of space and their offers looks reasonable but as far as I know you have to wait a lot to receive response from their support. There hundreds of web hosts here in WHt who provide better support.

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    I agree, heard samething about their support.

    Go for smaller hoster you'll find better support.


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    Same here, my friend was using them for 3 months now. Their Tech support sucks
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    Yahoo closed our business service for no reason, just out of the blue, and couldn't guarantee restoration of either web files or e-mail accounts.

    The full sordid story is over at my blog on

    Bottom line: If you can wake up one day and find both your website and business e-mail accounts gone, and Yahoo can't bring back those e-mail accounts OR assure you get the files back -- are you going to sleep at night?

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    The advantage and disadvantage of Yahoo is one and the same. They are a big company. This assures you that they wont be out of business tomorrow, however, it also means that they really dont care about your individual account or situation - and their support will tend to be generic and probably not overly helpful...

    However, there are loads of established companies that have survived the test of time in this industry and offer you alot more then Yahoo can and will.

    Having said all this - for basic hosting, Yahoo is probably fine - however, if you are moving into the area of eCommerce - take a look at all the options available - as there are MUCH better solutions then the Yahoo stores...

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    I'm pretty sure with Yahoo you're mostly just paying for the Brand
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    I had 3 sites with Yahoo for 4 years, and left them 3 months ago. They are too expensive, have a complicated interface and their support is slow and inadequate. I now host these sites with hosts found here on this forum and I am delighted with the change... and the savings of over $300 per year.

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    They offer some good services but they nickel and dime you on everything. Do your due diligence and check out some other hosting companies. Make sure that you can afford to pay Yahoo the extra charges they tack on for a discount rate.

    You also do not have to use Paymentech, as what I was first told by them. You can use any provider that is compatible with First Data (since Paymentech is in a partnership with Frist Data). We got our merchant account thru actually and we have been very pleased with their support

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    I agree, if you look closely they nickel and dime you for additional services that you will most likely need unless you are posting a basic HTML site. I wouldn't consider them cheap and their support reputation is far from reasonable. Definitely do some homework and you can do far better!


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    I like yahoo domains I have about 10 domains over there. They got me with their $4.98 domain price for .com!

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