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    One question

    Is XP2000+ / 512MB / 2x40GB Raid1 / 3MB unmetered server capable of running as a DNS1 server?

    Is that 3MB enough for how many domains?

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    Re: One question

    Originally posted by petfut
    Is XP2000+ / 512MB / 2x40GB Raid1 / 3MB unmetered server capable of running as a DNS1 server?

    Is that 3MB enough for how many domains?
    Thats overkill for a dns server imho, you could run thousand upon thousands and not break your 3mb/s limit.
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    ameen is right, and transfer is all based on requests anyways. One domain that recieves no hits will not have very much DNS traffic. One site that recieves a million page views a day will have a litlte bit of DNS traffic In any event you will not ever have to worry about the 3mb/s line unless somebody wishes to DDoS your DNS Server.
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    Depending on the exact DNS configuration, how many domains and exactly how much traffic, I might want some more ram. Otherwise, that is more than sufficient if its the "average" DNS server.

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    You could even get by with a simple AMD 400Mhz system with 256mb and still have room to fly if it is just working as a DNS Server.

    Your traffic level should probably not be more than a couple of bytes each time the DNS Server is used and it is not going to be so intensive anyways.

    You don't really need RAID or an unmetered bandwidth. You probably don't have much to RAID about unless you are doing DNS Hosting as a business with tens of thousands of sites. If the details do not change regularly, a simple daily backup should suffice.

    Even if you have something like 5gb/mth traffic, it would still be an overkill in most instances.

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    A P2 233mhz with 256mb of RAM and a 1GB hard drive is enough for a DNS server in most cases. If you have two, as you should anyway, your probably don't even need the RAID.
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