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  1. #1 Best dedicated server deals in HE Fremont Best dedicated server deals in HE Fremont

    The power of two (2) servers for the price of one.

    PowerEdge sc1425
    Dual (2) 2.8GHz Xeon, 1MB Cache, 800MHz FSB
    512MB DDR2 Memory
    80GB 7.2K RPM SATA Hard Drive
    5Mbps (~1600GB)
    MRTG Graph
    2 IP Addresses w/ rDNS
    Fedora, FreeBSD
    Basic Remote Hands Support

    $200/mo. | $200 setup
    -- or --
    Prepaid: $1200 for 6 months (~$200/mo.), then $100/month.

    Where are fremont servers located?
    Hurricane Electric in Fremont, California.

    How many IP Addresses do I get per server?

    Two (2) IP Addresses per server (maximum 5 IP Addresses).

    How much do you charge for upgrade?

    We only charge onetime for upgrade, and it is usually the cost of the parts if you upgrade at signup. Our price for upgrade after signup is the the price of the parts plus $50 labor.

    What kind of support do I get with the server?

    Fremont servers are unmanaged dedicated servers with Basic Remote Hands support. The datacenter is staffed 24/7/365 for basic remote hands. You must be your own system administrator or hire someone (your personal system administator) to manage your server for you. By hiring your own system administrator, you are free to shop around for a system administrator that best fit you.

    Can I hire the staff at the datacenter to fix my server problem?

    The datacenter has the professional group for you to hire to fix your server problem at their rate. As long as your server is online, you can have your own system administrator fix the problem for you.

    How reliable is the server?

    Fremont servers are built and tested by Dell.

    How reliable is the network?

    Some resellers have 10mbps drop and 100Mbps drop.
    We have 1000Mbps drop. (That's a GigE)

    Who pays for the parts if there are hardware failure?

    Usually the provider pays for the parts if there are hardware failure. However, with the price we charge you, customer pays for the parts if there are hardware failure. We just charge you for the parts, no labor fee. We use Dell servers, so they rarely fail.

    How do I monitor my bandwidth usage?

    Each server comes with an MRTG graph for you to monitor your bandwidth usage.

    I am an experienced system administator. How do I make money reselling Fremont servers?

    Rent servers from Fremont Servers and markup 100%.

    How do I compete with Fremont servers?

    1. We don't do system administration, so you should not have any problem marking up 100% and provide fully managed dedicated servers.
    2. Not many people can afford a huge upfront.

    How long does it take to setup a server?

    If we have the server, we have no problem having it up on the same day. If we don't, we have to order it from Dell, and it takes Dell a reasonable time to build and ship the server to us.

    How much does it cost to restore my server?

    $75 if you want to have it done within 24 hours. If you want to have it done right away, $150.

    Does Fremont Servers resell servers for someone?

    No, we own all of our servers.

    How much does it cost to have a fully managed server?

    Some companies on WHT offer fully managed service for less than $100/server.
    It'd cost you $100/month (dedicated server) if you do your own system administration or hire someone for less than $200/month total (dedicated server + fully managed service).

    High quality and reliable server assembled and tested by Dell + HE premium bandwidth with basic remote hands for $100/month. You cannot get a better deal than this.

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    irc allowed?
    ddos protection?


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    No IRC allowed.

    We rely on the datacenter to filter ddos. If you need a hardware firewall, we can workout a deal to set one up.

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