This is an urgent notice from GlobalHosters.NET clients hosted on server - We will be going down for emergency service on this server immediately, to correct all of the recent problems. This service was originally planned for this weekend, but because of recent events, we will have to conduct everything immediately. You will experience approximately 2-3 hours of down time, as we reload the operating system. As always, we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will draft a compensation plan this weekend. We will not reply to questions/complaints put on web forums, as we have notified you of this problem. We understand that our service has not been as reliable as you, and ourselves would like. It is our goal, and responsibility to provide the best service around. By performing this OS reload, that will take us one step closer to that goal. As of right now, mercury's load has been balanced between 2 servers. We may choose in the future to perform future modifications, and you will receive an email if such modifications are required. We thank you for standing by the GlobalHosters Network during these rough times, and look forward to future years of business with you and your websites.


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