My name is sergio. Iv been playing half life games for about 4 or 5 years now. Iv ran a server company for 3 months but went down due to the fact that i had no more money to stay up. Then i went to work for a company called gaming zen. And they also went down.

What i am looking for, is a job for the following

Server Tech / Support / Install / mod install

linux / Windows

I can provide support.

Install mod's for servers.

Install hlds.

My hours are.

weekdays 4pm - till needed.

Weekends - anytime

update servers. everything you need to run a server really.

So if any companys need some tech's. Please give me a pm. Or if your looking to start a server company. And need some help. Ill work for free, And when the company is up and running, We can talk about money.

I am a fair person. Im not all about the money. I enjoy what i do. So im sure i can workout money detals with anyone.

Thank you.

Aim: Sa seeknstrike
E-mail: [email protected]