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    What about emetrix?

    Does anybody use them? Is it a good option? I'm just curious about their new ATM feature which they actually announce on their site.

    But I understand that is it for software companies only? or I'm mistaken here..

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    I heard emetrix is not bad.
    But I do not know more details about them.

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    Its for software, not for hosting.

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    Sound interesting! Anyone has tried it? I wonder can we deposit paypal fund to this account!

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    I know it's not for hosting but I was amazed with the card feature and asking you here If that's real? Having the $500 limit per day and considering that a Developer monthly statement is around $15,000 means he will get his funds instantly.

    Anybody agree with me? I just noticed the fee though!

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    While giving a test drive for them, I signed up but nothing.. I can't view my products after adding them and therefore I can't even view my shopping cart.

    First impressions are bad.

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    Any new developers facing the same problem as mine? My product page always gives error "Page not found..offer not available..etc.."

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    emetrix is a Digital River company. Bought some software a few days ago who used it so had to check it out before giving them my credit card number.

    You can see all the Digital River companies here

    Curiosity got the better of me when I was checking it out. Pricey little service. think its like 13% take, ATM charges and then an unexplained $5 charge every time you transfer money from your account to the card (Paypal has your funds automatically linked.)

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    Not even, you cannot transfer your money to your card by yourself. They must do it for you.

    And yes they tell me thats nearly 14% commission.

    But I'm talking about the system part.. I created an account and I can't sell any products as they mentioned "begin selling in 10 minutes" word..which means they fail to provide what they talk.

    I haven't received a reply from them until now too...It seems like Customer Support is a real issue with all payment processors, I just hope that someone from emetrix is viewing this and is willing to tell us why their system doesn't work for new developers.

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    It doesn't seem like I'm going to, sadly.

    I would really like to ask newly registered developers in Emetrix If they face the same problem. But they don't reply to any emails.

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    Latest news: sent around 6 trobule tickets to devsupport@ which should be responsible for developers and merchants problems but no reply. (for the last 24 hours)

    Now what can I do to make my account? and is any developer out there can assist me? It sounds like they don't have a large base.

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    I can ask around . Aren't there any forums for programmers that covers these kind of issues?

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    I searched google, nothing... nothing speaks about the system error too.

    Did they close business?

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    It's not a system error, it's a regular verification process. They need to review each application before allowing it to sell.

    I'm at least happy for this is not being a system error.

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    emetrix is for software but you can sell anything with them. You can also take a look of another digitalriver company:

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    Yes concorde, but I noticed that emetrix is best developer's choice. Just my account isn't active. Do you know the steps to get it done?

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    Since my account wasn't active yet after weekend, I'm sending them a fax right now and I'll keep you informed.

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    I'm shocked...
    I thought that after they will receive my fax, they'll at least reply to me by e-mail. Unless, they don't go to their offices.......???

    This is shocking news, I can't believe I'm not able to reach somebody from Emetrix, I will fax direct to Digital River do you think?

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    duplicate, delete.

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    I contacted DigitalRiver directly then, lets see If they care to reply.

    BTW who's DigitalRiver?

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    Originally posted by wdi-home
    I contacted DigitalRiver directly then, lets see If they care to reply.

    BTW who's DigitalRiver?

    As I know, Digital River just bought over CCNow about 2 years ago. I do not think Digital River is a lousy company.

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    I don't say that at all, I confess that they have a good success in ecommerce and operating many ecommerce businesses and I'm familiar with ccnow regnow, shareit, etc.

    But I'm talking about one point - why "Emetrix" doesn't give a minute to answer me as I take from my time and send them a fax? And is Emetrix operated by DigitalRiver? Or only partnership?

    Both cases, I sent to DigitalRiver about the issue hope it'll get some attention. Believe me the problem isn't larger than approving a developer application in their system and If they do receive many sign ups they do have to review them on a daily basis. Am I wrong with what I did?

    I tried email devsupport at waited 4 days, no response

    I tried during business hours, and no response

    I think I have no choices but sending to DigitalRiver, and they may be more (user-friendly)...

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    what is it you are trying to sell?

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    rondo are you from Emetrix by any chance?

    I am trying to sell Web-based products and Web development products. These are accepted as far as I see some Web firms using Emetrix and not PC software only, and they do accept any digital goods.

    I don't think it's because what I'm trying to sell, because my account has no history at all...just new, and they could simple decline my application. I just need a response!

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    No I'm not from emetrix.

    There are tons of other options out there for selling downloads. for paypal only for paypal only

    plus tons more.

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    rondo, I'm very thankful because you let me know about Kagi!

    I think it's the more organized company, but I'm looking for some hidden text about held funds or something.

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    OKay, just curious..was Kagi tested by some people here? a trusted brand I mean?

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    All of the above companies (exept e-junkie) have been around for years and have 1000's of users.

    I think you may be expecting things to happen too fast or too easily.

    Why don't you want to use paypal?

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    Emetrix is an ecommerce providers which allows to create an instant storefront to sell your software.

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