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    [Wanted] Template

    I am in need of a template. This is not going to be for hosting, it is going to be for domains, a few other things. But most of the stuff I see being sold in this forum works or could be mod'ed easy so that is why I posted here.

    I am looking for something you have already done. I dont really need "custom for me", I just want it to be unique (not sold before, or will be again).

    I see plenty of good, and functional templates going for anywhere from 30 - 50 buck here so that is my range.

    I would like for there a section in the template to have a "news" section and then the rest can be for logo, product, etc.

    Also, I am partial to blue, or a template with clouds or skies in it.

    Send me the link to what you already have built. I dont want PM's with people stating they can build me something. I want to see it, if it looks nice and will work for me then I will take it.

    The person I buy it from should also be willing to do more work for me in the future if I desire it and at a preset rate you PM me now with.

    So, PM me what you got and I will take a look. (Link to your template is obviously required)

    I will not be reachable this weekend or early this coming week so if I do not get back to you quickly then I will do so around Mid-next week.

    Payment will be via paypal.

    And above all, thank you for your time!

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    Hey, I have 5 templates for $20, uncoded PSD. Here they are:

    I can mod it to your liking for an extra $25 if you can't do it yourself, or I'm sure you can find someone to do it. PM me if you're interested.

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    Here are three templates that i don't know if you might be intersted in,, the pictures can be modified to your liking -->$25 USD -->$15 USD

    Please let me know if you are interested in any of the templates

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    I have few that aren't sliced/coded. They include psd and fonts needed.

    Template 1: $10
    Template 2: $20
    Template 3: $5
    Template 4: $15 This one would probably be pretty good for domains.
    Template 5: $10
    Template 6: $10
    Template 7: $30 This one would probably be pretty good for domains.
    Template 8: $20 This one would probably be pretty good for domains.

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    Thank you to everyone who has reponded. I have now found a template that suits my needs and have picked the one I thought was right for me.

    Many thanks to everybody..I saw some really cool designs.

    I may be looking for more in the future...once I do I will consider those who have already responded.

    God Bless!


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    I have a profesional hosting template.

    Contact me e mail.

    HAIL !

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