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    Best Project Management Software?


    Don't know if this is the right place to put it . If not please let me know.

    was wondering anyone know of any project management software that is free opensource or commerical. can someone please list them and give experience on it. which one is the best??


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    Try Googling that subject and go through stuff, get feedback and see which one's you like best. Then just choose what you think is best by process of elimination.

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    Here is a good site to look around for some PMS.

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    A personal Information Manager is miles away from a true Project Management program. Of course, there is Microsoft Project..some people swear by it...some people hate it. I believe you can try it for free by ordering a CD or downloading it.

    I use Plan Plus by Franklin can try it for free:'s not a project manager..but can be used as such.

    When I had Outlook, I did get some use of it's calendering functions...similar to the Plan Plus.

    For more traditional project management using a method like GANATT or PERT charts...I can only refer you to google.

    Doing a search with PERT or GANATT with project mangement software is sure to bring up many choices.

    It all depends on habits and how you manage information.
    Some people, although I don't know how they do it, can get by with a simple notebook. Some people can spends a couple hundred on a expensive planner such as Franklin...and just use it as a telephone book. ??? The Franklin Covey system is quite good...although using
    and being more effective with it do entail quite a bit of work.


    There used to be a shareware program called Mustang...but it doesn't seem to be around these days.

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