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    am just about to sign up to a web host, just need some quick suggestions if possible

    ******.com - mainly because of their $50 overture credit, however i have heard their speed is very slow? (i am not entitled for free hosting as i am not usa or canada resident, bloody sucks i tell you!!)

    netfirms - 2gb space and 100gb bandwith, seems like a big company plus $25 google credit, any suggestions? 5gb space 300gb bandwith for £93 for 18 months? cnt go wrong, or can i?

    which one shall i jump for?

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    I've not really heard anything about netfirms being bad or good. You may want to do some searching on powweb & ******. I have read a lot of negative comments on powweb. Some of the latest comments of ****** haven't been postive either.

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    Bigger is not always better. What type of website are you launching and what are your INDIVIDUAL needs? Relative value is hard to discern when it comes to web hosting so be sure to do a good amount of research. Good luck! Board Hosting Directory
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    Never choose a web host for the FREE OVERTURE or GOOGLE credit that you are about to receive.
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    You can find other hosts that offer the Overture credit. That isn't so unique to ******.

    I agree though that you should consider finding a quality host first and then worry about whether you are getting a search engine credit. That's a nice marketing feature, but it shouldn't determine which host to choose.
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    well if you consider this then it does make sense.

    ****** - $4.95* 12 1 year prepay will cost me= $59.4
    and they offer the $50 overture credit, which i need anyway, so its means that am only paying around $9 for the 1 year of hosting. looking at it that way it makes sense.

    but i totally agree with what you guys are saying so ive gone for a host that has better support.

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    I mean this to sound helpful, not sarcastic--if your site is important (not a hobby site) then paying $9 for a year of hosting is a false bargain. The actual return to the webhost (even considering that the $50 credit costs them far less) is a trifle. How hard would you work for $50 in a year?

    There are many, many hosts out there who have been in business a long time and are offering great reliability for $8 to $10/month. Frankly, anything under that should be suspect. There's a price to be paid somewhere.

    A friend who does computer repairs has a sign in his shop which reads:


    Pick any 2

    Meaning, if you pick the low price, you'll be giving up either quality or speed (or both).

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    George is absolute right. If you value a $50.00 credit from overture more than your website's stability/reliability & speed, then you may need to reconsider your venture.

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