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    FTP newbie question

    I've spent the last four months designing a website, about 200 (8.5x11) pages of articles, after learning CSS and HTML in December. I used HomeSite. Now it is ready. The domain name is with GoDaddy, and I want them for my host. I'm going to use CuteFTP 6.0 to upload.

    However, even though the site works perfect in all the computers and browsers I test with, I want to upload to some kind of dummie directory to test everything further, before the search engines can find out about the site.

    So, I don't know anything about this aspect of web design--hosting and FTP. When I get my host and try to upload, will it be obvious how to put the site into a dummie directory?? Or, can someone explain to me how it is done.

    I do appreciate any responses.

    After I'm online, my understanding of the rules are--that after I make four more posts, I can do a message with the URL, and then people in this forum can review the site and offer whatever necessary advice. So, that is my plan.


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    Just create a temp folder in your server and upload those files in there and test it from there. If you don't want other users to see the site, make a blank page on your index.html page. Hope that helps

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    Yeah. Once you create a temp folder and upload everything into it, you can then access the "dummy" site from your web browser. Get that link up and I'll make sure to give some feedback. What is the main focus of the site? (Slap me if it's web hosting)

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    200 pages.. WoW.. what is the content of the site?

    I'd also look around at a few more hosting options aside from GoDaddy... but that's your choice
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    You want godaddy for hoster..

    OMG bad idea.

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    Thank you everyone for the responses. I got delayed in getting back, after I made my initial post--it has to do with spring time.

    Actually, I may not put the site on GoDaddy for another couple days, as so many personal things came up.

    I know I could make choices just as good or better than GoDaddy as a host, but I just made that choice. (However, that's not how I did anything else on the page).

    The site is to be used in the non-institutional church movement. The movement is nothing that weird, but the site does have Christian content, so no one should view it, it they don't like that subject, or if they don't think they will not be able to separate a review of just technical aspects from content.

    Thanks again.


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    I didn't know GoDaddy also provided hosting services.
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    Originally posted by sadasiva
    I didn't know GoDaddy also provided hosting services.
    Yeah, they do--quite inexpensive. And, I've heard some very good things about them recently. I can't comment on the past. Also, Bob Parsons, the owner, has a blog, and I liked it very much.

    The problem with GoDaddy is getting past all the other product offers. It is oversell to the max. But, I guess that's the American Way now, so we have to accept it.

    I just went with GoDaddy as a host, but it won't let me upload yet, saying I'm an anonymous user and can't log in. I hope that is just an information delay. So, I checked back here.

    Like I said, the challenge is getting past the additional offers, and I mean it is like a challenge.


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