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  1. #1 - 6k uniques a day, 3,800 users, $240/month!!

    I'm selling my site . Here are the statistics behind this site.

    User Stats:
    - Registered Users 3,805 (150-250 sign ups a day)
    - Total Files 43,040 (1000-2000 uploads a day)
    - Total Space Usage 16.78 GB (1GB worth of uploads every few days)
    Screenshots/Proof available upon request.

    Revenue Stats:
    - Google Adsense: $5-$15 a day, peak day of 25.
    - There is definitely more potential for profit. It recieves 10,000+ page views a day(as high as 20k) according to google adsense, if you were to get a CPM program I'm sure you could increase revenue by several fold.
    Screenshots/Proof available upon request.

    Traffic/Bandwidth Usage Stats:
    - Averaging about 6-8k uniques day now.
    - Used about 500GB of bandwidth last month, hosted on my dedicated server. The server costs 70$/month, but it doesn't use up all the resources.
    - 17GB of storage.
    Traffic program has been broken for the past few days.
    Screenshots/Proof available upon request.

    Start Bid: $100
    Buy It Now: $2000

    Sale ends May 11, 12:00 PM.

    This auction is posted on multiple forums, I will keep this thread updated.

    I reserve the right to end this auction early or not sell the site. If there are 2 bids within 5 minutes of each other near the end of the auction, I will extend by 20 minutes to avoid a mess. Please PM if you have any questions. Thanks.

    ***********Current Bid is @ $900 Via Sitepoint***********

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    Can you email me proof of stats/revenue robert at myacen dot com
    Clustered Hosting With Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
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    You may also want to mention you are selling the content and users and domain, not the script. but that the script is free to download. if you dont you could get in trouble with the author, which has happened with this script in the past

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    Email me all stats and revenue to mgunnin at gmail dot com please
    Matthew Gunnin
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    Looks good How much are you spending on marketing?
    Mike Bell
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    Will you transfer the server with the sale? Who is it hosted with?

    Have the images been pruned to remove adult images?

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    Yes, this site is only for the users/traffic. I'm not claiming any ownership of the script - it is a free one. It doesn't prohibit selling these types of sites anywhere in scriptmaker's TOS.

    I have not spent a dime on advertising . Its all been free advertising sources like forums and word of mouth, the large majority of traffic is from type-ins.

    I would prefer not to transfer the server with the sale as I have several other sites at the moment, but if someone wishes to pay me the setup fee for the server, I am willing to move my sites off to somewhere else - anyways, I would recommend getting a higher bandwidth server just for expansion's sake, this one only has 1TB of bandwidth. Server is hosted with resellerworkz which is a reseller of, offering managed servers.

    Images have been pruned of pornographic/adult images and high bandwidth burning files. However, you will still have to check logs on occasion to weed out the bad apples.

    ******High bid is at $1000 via SitePoint.******

    Emails sent. Thanks for the interest folks.

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    How old is the site? It looks like it was just registered 2 months ago?...

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    Yes, it is only a month or so old.

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    i dont know is it me but i cant open it

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    Yes, its currently being transfered to a more secure and stable server. My server has been plagued with problems for the past few days.

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    hehe problem that u could have is huge bandwith usage
    i run also service like this and i have 600gb of bandwith/day

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    Yeah, bandwidth could be an issue, but I check apache logs every now and then and weed out the bad users .

    600GB a day? What kind of server/plan are you on?

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