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    SEO, web designers, graphic artists and scripters needed

    I'm currently looking for SEO, web design, graphic and scripting talent for the following sites: adult cam site, ad agency, modeling agency, webmaster marketing/SEO site and a couple of celebrity sites. Authors for article contributions are also welcome.

    All staff is paid a percentage of profits, which is determined by overall contributions to site. Free banner advertisements, multiple back links, and additional promotional opportunities will be provided for any staff who currently have company, or personal websites.

    Healthcare plan consists a box of band-aids and a dental plan consisting of whitening gum

    For more details email me at [email protected] with an instant messenger screen name

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    To give anyone interested an idea of the profits involved; the typical adult cam site charges between $1-4 a minute, $80+ a hour and this is for a site with 20+ girls. You would be receiving between 5-15% of all those profits.

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    Hello i would be intrested in this do you have aim?


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    Yup, for anyone interested I can be reached at skunksnewscorp on AIM icalljloafterben on Yahoo or [email protected]

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    Still a couple openings availible

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