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    Apollo Hosting Review

    Well, since I have benefited so much from this board, I figured I should make my small contribution.

    I signed up with about a year ago. Some of the main factors in my decision were that they are located in Texas (I live in TX) and that they did not allow adult content on their servers.

    Initially, the service and performance was awesome. The HSP control panel took a little getting used to, but after the small elarning curve, everything was great. Ocassionally, the site would go down for a few minutes here and there, but overall, it was good.

    About 2 weeks ago all of my sites were down for over a full day. I've also noticed that my load times have been really slow over the past couple months too.

    The support has always been good. One annoying thing is that a lot of the times, the "technical support" on the chat couldn't do anything and had me submit a ticket. It made me think why even have support chat in the first place if all they can tell you is to submit a ticket?

    Anyway, I'm now looking for a new VPS or dedicated solution around $70-$80 per month. Ultimitely, it ccame down to me needing mySQL 4--and the inability for the HSP CP to support that. Apollo hosting doesn't offer cPanel, so therefore, I am forced to move.

    The bottom line, I give Apollo Hosting:
    Service: B+
    Performance: B

    Any help finding a new VPS would be appreciated.

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    Well, since I have benefited so much from this board, I figured I should make my small contribution.
    That's a very nice gesture. Thank you very much for the nicely written review.

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    Yeah, we need more reviews writen like this
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    I'd reccomend for low cost dedicated solutions. and are allegedly quite good.

    Nicely written review, well done
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    Yeah I am also planning to get my new server with Layeredtech. I've recieved so much help from WHT only.
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    Originally posted by TheNetway
    Yeah, we need more reviews writen like this
    I couldn't agree more. One of the great things about this site is the wealth of information, one of the bad things about it, at times, are the tons of unsubstantiated opinions or hearsay that gets repeated as objective review criteria. That's the nature of an open forum but you really have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to filter all the "noise".

    This was very useful information about a host that I can "file" in my brain housing group.
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    LT are a great bunch, they have been improving there network and staff a lot recently, my support requests normaly only take 30 mins to be answered!

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    Nice review!
    Well, since you live in TX, I came to think of Micfo /servers in TX/.... the site I have with them (see below) runs just fine so I'd recommend them... if they have a plan that suits you. (they do have cpanel, at least)

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