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    Want to hear your input's!

    Please tell me everything you think or is wrong, let me know what could be done to improve the site content.

    I want to hear everything - good or bad -

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    First thing I noticed was no logo. Helps with branding your name if you have a logo to go with it.

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    I agree. The first thing that also caught my eye was the lack of logo. In fact, due to the lack of logo, I had to look at the url to see who you were. As stated, this is free advertisement for you, don't pass it up!

    Aside from that, you have all your text centered, which doesn't render properly. Try aligning it instead or tags to make it look more "natural."

    Also, don't forget to add your logo to your forum!

    Best of luck!

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    Thanks, we are actually working on a logo design. Just trying to make sure its the best we can do, as it what most people remember you from.

    Thanks for the comments so far...

    Anything else?

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    I second JSpired on this one. A logo is needed, but you might as well add some other elements to the header to make it look less empty.

    I like the general structure of your website. Everything is easy to read and looks good and soft on the eyes.

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