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    1&1 sponsors the German America's Cup boat with more than US$ 20,000,000

    Don't know whether it has already been posted, but I think it's quite interesting

    The publicly traded and highly profitable holding company of 1&1 (United Internet) has decided to sponsor the German boat for the America's cup. And the 1&1 logo will be on the sail.

    No exact numbers are known, but it will be an estimated amount of at least 20 - 30 million US$ that is being spent by 1&1/United Internet for the German America's Cup boat

    And you can be sure they will be able to pay it without any problems. They told the press that "money won't be an issue"

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    They could have spent it on better support.

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    Money isn't an issue with 1And1. They are one of the wealthiest hosting companies in the industry.

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