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    Would like some feedback on regarding layout/design and navigation as well as placement of the sections. We're currently working on a smaller header so no need to critique that.

    Thank you!
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    I like your colors ripeog. The placement of the different sections is nice. It's the same as most gaming sites.

    I would make the menu items (home-forum-games-downloads) smaller.

    I think you only need a new header and then it's really nice.

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    IMHO, it'd be better to put Poll to the right - it's a fairly traditional place for polls, besides the poll is a pretty much 'secondary' block.

    Instead, on the left hand I'd put 'latest games' and maybe random images, cause they're fun and attract attention.

    Concerning newsblocks: consider giving the headers ("Comprehensive next-gen Xbox...") a slight blueish tone - just a tiny touch of blue similar to the background tone (is it called 'turquoise'? or 'navy'? don't remember the english name for this color). It will simplify reading a little bit. Just an idea, though - make your decision

    Also, I'd make the left menu buttons somehow brighter - maybe bold... they don't have any emphasis on them, and I think they should.

    Also, duplicating 'downloads' link in the left menu seems a good idea - just to make sure the user finds it, even if he missed the top menu.

    Also, 'Most popular games' at the bottom seems displaced. They'd be better near the top, to attract attention. Instead, you can move 'stats' down - no one is really interested in them, except the site owners

    Just my ideas, hope this helps
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    Thanks all. These are exactly the kind of critiques I was looking for. Will be moving some things around as noted and you can check up on it later
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