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    ISO: Simple code for images

    Ok, here is all I need, seems simple to me, but I know little about php so don't make fun of me if this is difficult.

    I need the site to be able to upload visitor images along with a few text fields (no more than 10, but probably around 4-5), might need a field to be linkable.

    Images will be quite big so I need it to generate thumbnails and display them in a clean manner.

    Images need to be sortable to most if not all text fields. I need to have some type of approval page so I can make sure nothing that is not needed makes its way on the site.

    Main page should have all letters of the alphabet, then when you click it will go to the band's name (images from above will be of bands, forgot to mention). After you click on the letter of the alphabet, you will choose a band, and then a specific photo.

    I don't think I want to require users to sign up for an account with the site (I see no reason).

    If anyone has a better idea for a layout I am open to suggestions, but I'm not wanting to spend much on this as it isn't really a money maker.

    Please post questions and PM quotes.


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    I can help you with this, but only using Perl (don't like PHP). This will take 2-3 days. Contact me if you're interested.

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