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    Need shared hosting w/development

    We are a new user of this forum and currently have a small business site with a shared hosting service. We did little to none of the development ourselves (other than writing the text). Our busines is to offer a subscription service. We already have an arrangement with a subscription payment processor and use their shopping cart. We're looking for a shared hosting service that will be able to take on our existing site and provide some minimal web development and maintenance for our basic CGI directory scripts. We do not have the technical skills here to develop or maintain these scripts. We especially need help with our password/username manager which was a package installed by a major name company no longer in business. While it is still working we don't have the confidence that we can repair it with the developer now gone. Any suggestions.

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    It does seem to be uncommon for hosting+development companies to hang out on WHT, though it is not entirely unheard of. I wish you luck on finding a host that can work with you on this. You may find a better route in obtaining a hosting service and a programming service seperate of each other.

    Good luck!
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    I would suggest looking for a design firm that handles web site maintainance as well. Quite a few of them have reseller accounts in a shared hosting environment for their clients, and that should suit your requirements.
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    Hello and welcome to WHT!

    Many providers should be able to assist you w/ this. Some will have in-house programming and design support. You may also be able to find a designer to work w/ you here on these forums.

    Best wishes and good luck w/ your search!

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