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    Post Brings the reality crashing down...

    Ever think that you are the only one who has to site at your computer screen as it refuses to do anything.
    You click the box - it says - "Not Responding", you press Control, Alt Delete...nothing happens at first and then !WHAM!, up comes the box. The dialog box says everything is running OK but your CPU usage is steady at 100% and your memory rapidly decreasing by the second.
    You consider pushing the power button, but then think better off it. You wait....

    and wait....

    and wait...

    until eventually, ...........



    Yep we all hate crashes but have a look at some of these

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    How many of those are made up?

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    Not sure, just about all of them could be photoshopped, forced to happen, completely bs'ed.

    Regardless of the valididty of the screenshots, I did get a kick out of a few of them.
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