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    well known: php safemode + open_basedir

    I want set php safe mode on on my apache-php server but still allow user to acces any file of any chown if it is in his dir /home/user/

    to do this I enabled safemode in php.ini

    and in httpd.conf
    php_admin_value safe_mode_include_dir /home/user/

    But that still dont allow that user to acces files on /home/user if that has other chown... is it imposible to set safe_mode_include_dir from httpd.conf?

    Other solution would be to absulutly disable checking of file owners by safe mode and use besides safemode > open_basedir. However I find anoying that safe mode dont have setting to disable it UID checking.

    any sugestions?

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    are all your users listed under /home/user? Such as:


    If so try adding php_admin_value safe_mode_include_dir /home/user/*
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    of course NO.

    Main idea is to grant to user1 acces to any files in /home/user1/ while keeping safe mode on! And that means that every virtual server account in httpd.conf need other safe dir

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