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    Equivity Stole My Money

    I wanted to take a moment to let every one know that not only equivity is the worst service provider but they also refuse to pay me the money that they owe me. avoid using them at all cost
    they fooled me to create a second paypal subscription and now they refuse to refund the $160 that they have recived in error with the second subscrion
    i have already filed a complain with paypal and will contact the district atterney office in his city shortly
    also they have the worst service the server is down every other day
    it is so bad that although he wants to give me 6 months of service i have just moved

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    Thanks for the heads up, Im sure alot of people will avoid Equivity when looking for a host.

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    i just wanted to let everybody know that after i made about 50 calls to their 800 number and help from paypal they returned my money
    I Still do not recommened them since their server is down frequently and they are generally not very good in any shape or form and you should AVOID AVOID AVOID
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    Thanks for the input, glad to hear you got your money back.

    I would remove the funds from paypal asap as well; I and others I know have personally been scammed out of 100's of dollars by Paypal removing funds from users accounts due to "fraudulent activity". I love the idea of paypal, just not how they treat their clients.
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    I don't trust Paypal with my left shoestring.

    But then again, I don't trust purchasing things via internet yet.
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