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    * Unique Content Sale

    Hi - we are selling several sets of exclusive & custom developed content, composed by professional freelance writers from scratch.

    Interested parties please PM or e-mail Sarah at [email protected] for previews & further details.

    Web Development Company Content:

    WordCount: ~4,500
    Includes (but not limited to): Benefits to International Clients, Service Agreements, Web Dev. Overview

    Hosting Company Content

    WordCount: ~6,500
    Includes (but not limited to): Hosting Glossary, Definitions, FAQs, Privacy Policy

    Customer Support Content

    WordCount: ~1,500
    Includes (but not limited to): Support Benefits, Support Overview

    Medical Directory Content*

    WordCount: >300,000
    Includes (but not limited to): Nutritional Information, Emergency Procedures, Definitions, Treatments, Medicines, Medical Guidelines

    *excerpts available at this url - toc & subcategories as well. Should you be interested in this, of course we will be able to provide you with more extensive access to the content in full.

    Password Protection Article

    WordCount: ~500

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    Looks goot, look forward to hearing from you...

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    I sent you a mail yesterday regarding this offer. Let me know if I should resend it.

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    Hi RedAgama -

    I don't believe I've received it; all pms and e-mails to date have been responded to. Please resend or PM & I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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    Check your PM

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