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    [IT'S HOT!] i'm use ******.com 28day's , could i cancel and take $$ back?

    i'm use ******.com 28day's and orded ******.com service yearly.
    but, it's disappoint about Speed.

    thereafter, i choose other hosting:

    but my question is...

    could i cancel my order and take $$ back?

    how to?

    someone can help and tell me about detail .. thank you!!

    ps: because i'm lived in East Asia. and most used in Chinese english is ...

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    Do ******.com offer a money back guarantee that you are entitled to? If not then you won't be able to get your money back.
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    i saw ****** pages and show on:


    it's seem had 30day's money back quarantee.

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    i'm use ******.com 28day's
    it's seem had 30day's money back quarantee.
    Which means you'd better hurry.

    Before you cancel, don't forget to make a backup -- if you don't have one already.
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    Yes the 30 day money back guarentee is your best bet, They should generally refund your money, If not i doubt theres much you can do thats the thing its usually best to pay monthly although yeah you may save some$ $ But your really have to stay with them for a year to get bang for your buck so its better to pay a little more but keep it on a month to month basis.

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    yeah, i had submit from ****** "Cancellation Request Form", it send a notice mail to me.

    and all data are backup from my web data's to transfter to
    other temporary site..

    for ******. because it's my first time to order the web-hosting in
    Credit-card, therefore, i had worry about it's , it's safe when i
    calcelled from ******.com?

    thank everyone repsonse to me and so kindly, thx!


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    Yes, if it is a professional company, it will not abuse your credit card details.

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    I doubt they will do such things like that, and your banks policies proberly will protect you too, from such fraud.
    Good luck with moving to site5

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