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    9 quick appraisals please?

    worth anything undeveloped you think?

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    Regarding your domain, I was reading in another forum a user had registered a domain name with ebay in it and ebay sent them an email stating basically he can not use it.
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    Hi ripeog,

    Thank you for your reply, didn't think about that!

    But just for the record, it isn't "ebay & first"

    It's "Eba Yfirst", a polish fictional character.

    I just made up...

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    2,852 might be worth something.

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    Ooh thank you.

    Do you think i should do a bit of simple advertising for them, just to drive some traffic over? Would that make them more desirable?

  6. #6 is worth three figures. I'd say anywhere from $50-$150 to a retailer and at least $300 to an end user. Board Hosting Directory
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  7. #7 might be good for a coupon/deal site. maybe $30-40

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    Many thanks for your opinions

    What do you recommend to go about selling them? Ebay?

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    I would recommend,, or Board Hosting Directory
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    I would go too with great name with potential !

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    Many thanks!

  12. #12 Nice name

    Develop it..............................

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    Haha thanks very much.

    If you lot really think it has potential, looks like i'll have to!

    Thanks again

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