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    Question Ad-Free FrontPage Hosts

    I'm looking an ad-free host that allows me to upload my pages from FrontPage. I have my doubts that something like this even exists, but even if it's not ad-free, something without extremely annoying ads would be alright. Thanks!
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    Any host that you pay for should be free.

    Now if you're looking for an ad-free free host you should be looking on

    If you're just looking for an ad-free host then you've come to the right spot!
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    Yes, If all you want is to be able to upload (publish) from FrontPage I'd say it would be rare to find a host here that didn't support it.
    And without ads.
    Ads usually come with "free" hosting because after all "nothing is free" when it comes to business.
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    Are you looking for non-paid (free) hosting plan? Maybe there are some free hosts that migh provide a plan while require to place their link to all site pages. But otherwise it is not to fair to ask for free service without any ads.

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    I've never seen a host that put ads on clients sites if it is paid hosting.
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    I would say your chances of not finding a host that offers frontpage extensions is slim to none these days. If you pay for hosting, you should not have ads on your website but on the other hand if you don't mind ads, try google adsense and make a little money from them which might even pay for your hosting.
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