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    buisness oriented servers

    i have a client that is a real estate company. They want to be able to email mass amounts of people off of one email. not spam all the emails are sent a request of the person receiving them. They do not want to use a separate service to send the emails ( i dont know why). Is there a hosting company out there that will accomidate this. They are more then willing to speak to them to ensure that the intent is not to send spam mail.

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    The majority of companies will have absolutely no issue with it - just bring it up with them ahead of time so they are aware that the massive amounts being sent are not spam.

    Just contact their support team ahead of time.
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    David is correct, the majority of hosting companies here shouldn't have an issue with non-spam emails. The only restriction I think you'll run into, with great frequency, is that many providers will limit the number of emails you can send out per hour. Ie. You can send 500 per hour. This helps eliminate spam in general, but like I said, I think if you contact them ahead of time, I would think you can work something out., a Digitally Justified Company
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    It turns out that David seems to provide a greate service and i'll be moving all my clients over to him shortly.
    Thanks for the responses

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