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    Question How should I proceed? I am really embarassed!


    I am quite embarassed of something that happened.
    As I've been working on a logo for a contractor (so the contractor is in touch with the client).

    Everything went fine until the contractor told me the client is VERY upset because she said I was using an dog in the logo which is actually copyrighted (!!).

    Imagine how I felt. However, I asked the contractor to ask the client for proof and references. He got back with the proof and unfortunately YES, the dog it is copyrighted to Clifford Cartoons and is about the red dog

    Now the past, some time ago I had ordered to an sketch artist (huh?) to make me 100 sketches (supposed to be unique together with rights) so I can use them in illustrations, and now I had seen fit to this logo.

    This dog is from those ordered sketches.

    I feel extremely embarassed in front of the contractor and the client. Imagine how the contractor looked in the eyes of the client.
    Because of this not only me can be affected but also this contractor who trusted my services.

    I deeply apologise him and I told him that this project would be for free, but is that enough?

    As for the sketches I put them on hold. I want to report the guy right to Clifford but I start doubting that even his name is real

    How should I proceed further? I really don't want this client or who ever else that I would use copyrighted material, that would be actualy worse thing to do anyway.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    Copyright infringement is most definitely bad for business on all levels.

    The best thing, I'd say, is to notify the guys I.P., and Clifford. Also, send a copy of the letters to the contractor and client, so that they know that it was not your intention that copyrighted materials be put into the logo. If they see that you are earnestly trying to right the wrong, they will be much more likely to stick with you in future workings. As for creating the new logo, I'm sure you can manage that.
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