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    Later upgrade on ThePlanet. Is it possible ?

    I plan to order server with ThePlanet. It should have 1GB RAM at start, but later maybe I'll need 2GB. Is it possible to upgrade the machine (not to move to new one) ? And what will it cost. Will it be an one time fee or will I pay on monthly base ?

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    Best to ask sales but last I checked there are upgrades you can order thru Orbit even after it's online either per month or 1 time.

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    I read somewhere that there is a possibility to own the server after some period of time. e.g 2 - 3 years. Then you'll pay online for connection not for machine. Is it possible also on ThePlanet ?

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    Yes, you can upgrade RAM anytime. You have the option to pay monthly or one-time payment.

    The Rent-To-Own plan is not available at The Planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddy2099
    The Rent-To-Own plan is not available at The Planet.
    Which DC have available this?

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    Off-hand I think Ezzi has a rent-to-own program. In the past I paid 50/month for 1gb more at SM. No sure what's the price now.
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    Before you do sign up with a Rent-to-own plan, make sure that you read the Terms of the Contract carefully and find out who is responsible for the hardware replacement after the 'rent' period completes and how much is the colocation cost is.

    There were some that I've encountered in the past that you actually pay just the same as when you rent the server but just have less support as anything after that is chargeable.

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