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    Laptop turn off after 20 minutes?

    I left the laptop, have open (less than 90 degree angle but more than 45 degree angle.) When I came back, I had to turn it on. The browser I was in was not open, nor was the microscoft word window.

    What is up with that? How can I set the laptop so that I leave it for 20 minutes without it turning off?
    I remember a few time after using it for long hours while being plug in, it shut self off. So I had to turn the laptop on it in the next minute. What is up with that?

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    Control Panel -> Power Options -> Check standby/hibernation settings

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    I set mine to turn off the screen after 20 mins but to leave the hard drive working all the time, so the screen is blank but if it is doing something then it does not stop just because i have not moved the mouse for a while....

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