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    * Servers in Toronto & Montreal. No Setup. No Commit. 1000GB Bandwidth. From $89 ONLY!

    This server is located in the Teleglobe datacenter in Toronto. cPanel/WHM can be added on for $25 monthly.
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz
    1024MB RAM
    80GB Hard Drive
    100Mbps Uplink Port
    1000GB Bandwidth
    5 IP Addresses
    Linux OS
    $149 Monthly / $0 Setup

    Please check our offers for Montreal based servers at The 50th order through our website will get their server for FREE for 3 months. If you have any questions post here or contact me [email protected]

    Network Information servers are located in the iWeb datacenter in Montreal Canada. iWeb™ offers a high quality network, directly linked by BGP to Peer1 Networks and 360 Networks, offering excellent performance for game servers, web servers and all applications that require high throughput and no loss of packets.

    Test IP:

    Have Questions? We have answers!
    1.) Pricing in USD or CAD?
    Pricing is in US Dollars

    2.) What payment methods you accept?
    We accept PayPal, Credit Card and Wire Transfers

    3.) Server Setup Time?
    Anywhere from 1 to 48 business hours depending on server load and payment approval.

    4.) Technical Support? What about it?
    Telephone support during normal business hours (514) 907-1717. Helpdesk support 24x7 (

    5.) Management? What if we need help
    We will help you with all general related technical support questions for free. Server management is available, contact [email protected] for a quote.

    6.) I like your servers and would like to resell it EH!
    Email [email protected] and I will get back to you.
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    Which server is 89$?
    in Toronto?
    eXeGaming : Professional Gaming Organization
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    Maybe i have asked again! but there are 10 new offers for toronto the last week

    Do you allow irc?
    ddos protection?
    Extra IPs cost?
    Uplink Providers? And mbit/gbit with each one?

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    Currently we only allow IRC on our Toronto based servers but if we find your server causing a DDOS attack we will take it down right away and cancel the contract. This unfortunately is as per the datacenter.

    Both datacenters have DDOS protection in place.

    Extra IPs are $1 each monthly.

    Montreal: Peer1, 360 Networks mainly

    Email me at [email protected] if you have any further questions or if I missed anything
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    How come you're not promoting the $109 for PIV 2.4, 1GB RAM & 160 GB HD?
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    Originally posted by HeadBeaver

    Both datacenters have DDOS protection in place.

    Then how come they are so bitchy if the server gets DDOS'ed. One has to expect consequences when allowing IRC

    Do we get a reboot switch? Are reboots free?

    Test file pls?
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    Currently you get a FREE reboot port on our montreal servers. For Toronto servers you don't get a reboot port since we dont have it setup yet; however the reboots are free. For a test file please PM me or email me at [email protected]. Unfortunately thats how the Toronto datacenter works, we will be negotiating something with them regarding IRC shortly since we just moved in.
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    Wouldn't it be more appropriate to put the information that relates to the subject in the post instead of baiting me to read and switching the information? FYI, I am less inclined to purchase something if after reading the post I find out it isn't related to what I was told it was in the subject.
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    They are great up to now.

    Will maybe move another box to them. Uptime is great, service also and connectivity fast.
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    Thank you for your compliments. We appreciate your business.
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    you have mail.
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    first an email
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    Hi Dominic,

    if you wrote here also I do the same:

    Now we have Sunday and the server still down !!!

    Our first week with upscalehost:

    The first day he runs was on Wednesday morning.... but only for a few hours. There was DNS Problems and error messanges if we create new domains in DirectAdmin.

    The server down till Tuesday night and if I come in office on tuesday he run with "only 1-2 hours downtime (But still with error mesages and one domain without DNS resolve - other domain runs)

    On the evening the server down and support told me there was a problem with datacenter (but first Dan told me all the other servers still run and we must take wrong work with server )

    On Friday morning the server run and at day also "only" for 1 or 2 hours down and the one Domain who problems with dns also runs (but also with error messages with domain created)

    On Saturday the Server run all the day but verry slowly (nothing mire than 190ms)

    Today on sunday morning .... the server still down and Support no answered.
    Dan told me yesterday in future we must call !!!!
    Why ? On your wesite you offer 24h online support and you wrote me in your mail the Messanger ID from 24h supportteam.

    For upscalehost I can´t say :
    "serves online 99,7%"
    I must say: " We are happy about our server nothing more downtime than 50% per week"

    Thats fine for our business and makes our client verry happy, too.
    2 Clients are no more our clients ind I know, if we no fastes looks for a runnning server we are in 2 weeks nothing client !!!!!!

    greeting Sermundi

    At this time support answerde and say: all fine !!!!
    But we can´t log in. In www we becomes a DNS error and FTP told an socket error

    Please: Can anybody make a test and ping the ?
    Was contact? and if yes whats the time to answer?
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