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    Hello everyone here at WebHostingTalk! is officially for sale. The site has just finished its first year on the internet. When I started banners2go my goal was to become one of the leaders in online banner design.

    I am selling the business because I feel i have done all i can with it, i have alot of other commitments that need my time right now.

    I am aware there are alot of scammers around these days, please head over to and ask around there about me if you feel the need. I say this because i have done business with preety much everyone there lol and it is where i usually post.

    Please take the time to view my website , check out the testimonials and contact the owners of their respective websites for further clarification if you need to. Banners2go has a great reputation, im sure you will agree.

    I would like to try and cover most things about Banners2go in this thread, if there is anything i have missed or any questions you would specifically like to ask me then please email me at [email protected]. I will respond within 12 hours. Ok here goes....

    About Banners2go

    Banners2go was established 12 months ago in May of 2004 and has been operational since then. We have produced over 200 banners for online websites and have served over 100 customers.

    Our business is well established; currently we average over 50 unique visitors every day without the need to advertise our product. When banners2go was advertising we generated around 150-300 uniques per day.

    Orders are frequent with 1-3 orders each week coming in through previous promotion alone. Obviously you will be putting your time into promoting the product, where you can expect to receive several orders each day.

    We have over 130 indexed pages in google (we did have 300 before we stopped advertising). Our alexa was also at 120,000 until we stopped promotion.

    We are listed in loads of webhosting resources sites and directories. We are due to be added to dmoz in a month or so (we applied when started the business).

    How much does it generate?

    When advertising the website, you will make at least $500/month. I am not going to exaggerate how much you will make, check the portfolio for yourself. You will see close to 100 banners (17 x 100 = $1700), we have infact designed many more, we do not feature them all on the website.

    I have a list of 100 previous clients in the database and they return for
    Banners on frequent basis. The most successful client I have orders $100 worth every month or so, he has been with us since the beginning!

    In the most successful month I made over $1,000. You will be surprised how many people need banners, just pop over to and check the sales/requests forum, I have seen 3 requests for banners today!

    Advertising Material

    Included in this purchase is probably the BEST flash banner ever created to advertise the website, im sure most of you know the one im talking about. If not check out

    I have an Excel spreadsheet compiled listing over 200 forums where I post, you will get ALL my accounts (username/password) to continue the promotion.

    All that is required is a post each week advertising the website and the service and you will get orders flying in.

    Designers Included

    A designer is included in this package! Yes, even if you cannot design great banners or do not wish to, a designer has agreed to take up the job and work for you! Of course you can hire your own staff or design the banners yourself.

    In addition to the full time designer available we have about 5 other designers which we use. New owner will get contact information for all 6 of our designers.

    Domains and are both included, they have a good length of time remaining and can be easily transferred to your account.

    Website Design

    The website was custom designed and has custom icons made for it (including a few not on display. The design alone is worth IMO around $500. You will get the PSD source, all php pages, fonts etc.

    The website consists of and

    Custom Script

    The script that was made by is worth over $1,000. The features include.

    >Support ticket system

    This is built into both admin and user control panels. Emails you to alert you a ticket has been raised, has priority setting also.

    >Loyalty points system

    This idea was stolen by Handy banners! Original and the best. You can edit the values of the points in the admincp and it autoupdates everything. Clients can use points to redeem a discount off their purchase on the order form.

    >Extensive order form system

    This consists of 4 steps, personal information, banner selection and description. There are also 4 custom plans built in. Payment methods and loyalty discount options. A final screen confirms the order.

    We have recently revamed our order proccess and have seen orders increase by 15%. Banners2go features a completely dynamic order form. Fields are automatically generated based on the banners or packages ordered. The order form is one of a kind and in my opinion the best order form for this type of site.

    >Member’s area with protected pages

    Members can login to their control panel. Open a support ticket, download banner templates, read help files, submit a testimonial and edit their profile. There is also a lot of room for expansion.

    >Submit testimonial feature

    Allows users to add their feedback. Gives you the ability to view it, approve/disprove the feedback and then it automatically posts it to a page.

    >Admin control panel

    Gives you complete overview, ban/delete members. Bulk email members; edit values for points and prices for banners. You can change your password, view pending orders and reply to support tickets.

    >Forgot password

    If a user forgets their password they can easily retrieve it with a “forgot your password” mailer built in.

    Kayako Live Support

    The live support chat software, the license has another 6 months or so remaining on it. If i can transfer this over to you then this can be bundled in with the business.

    Huge Portfolio

    You also get full rights to a large portfolio of banners, around 100 odd included in this sale. What a great way to start your business!

    I will be happy to play a role in the business, giving you ideas, advertising help and generally guiding you for the first few months. I do not wish to design banners anymore and need to focus my commitments elsewhere.

    We are looking for offers around the $4000 range.

    Please send your offers to [email protected]

    R & D Internet Holdings LLC

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    why are you selling? you guys seem really established and just starting to do very well.

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    "I am selling the business because I feel i have done all i can with it, i have alot of other commitments that need my time right now."

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    I think they to much banner company that it hard to make money on banners
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    1,468 is a foreign meat company.
    Are you sure they made your script for you?

    Other than that, I'd say that your asking price is an excellent one and you are a very recognizable company around the net.
    Haven't been on WHT for 6 years!

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    I think he meant
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