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    Best server provider


    I am here to get some tips before I narrow in on purchasing my first server. Can anyone tell me which is the best server provider who has got a good network and provides the best value added services at a fair price.

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    Are you looking at managed or unmanaged server?

    My definition of unmanaged is you do your own system administration.

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    I am looking for an unmanaged server, also tell me what kind of configuration should I look for to start off.

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    Depends on your needs... what will you be doing with the server? - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    I would be using the server for hosting. What amount of RAM would be sufficient to start with? Also Intel or AMD ? What kind of bandwidth do I require to start with? Which OC line :-)

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    1 GB of memory is a good starting point. I prefer AMD over Intel, however Intel's still a viable option. they probably have something to spark your interest, good reliable fast provider with excellent support.
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    About how much are you willing to spend?
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    Once you determine what you need in terms of server and price, I think you'll find that there really is a large selection out there. Some people prefer the huge hosting providers, some people prefer the more personalized ones.
    As a basic dedicated server, go for a AMD (2400 or above) with at least 512MB of ram and FreeBSD. It'll give you enough room to grow till you figure out what you need.

    I usually reccomend CRNC or Atrivo, but will give you a fair bargain as well.
    If you're looking at big companies, ThePlanet seems to be relatively popular.
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