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    Site Builder Modifications

    I hope to offer a site builder that will allow user to post their college portfolio using pages I enable and not the ones that come standard the various site builders (Soholaunch, Sitezen

    For Example, I want user to be able to select from a page that will allow them to upload word documents of papers, resume, letters of rec.

    And not have the choice to select from Personal, Business with Amazon Store or any of the other pages.

    I also want them to select from only Educational Theme Templates and not the rest offered by the various Site Builders.

    Is it possible to modify any of these site builders to do what I have explained?

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    Yes. I know that Soholaunch allows you to create your own templates that you can upload for your clients to use. So it would be pretty much up to you to take care of the template end. As far as the other templates that you don't want your clients to use, I am sure there is a way to disable them or delete them from view but I have not tried that yet so don't quote me. Maybe something like wiki or Mambo would work smoother for you but I am sure that others will give you more ideas here soon.

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    I think Sitezen has the ability to edit templates as well. Don't think its as easy as Soholaunch (and yes you can delete any template you don't want to use in that app) So does Drag and drop (not sure about Swsoft's sitebuilder). I have never seen anything on templating is sitestudio so I'd rule that out

    Now as far as uploading files like word documents I may be wrong but the only one that I know that accomodates that is Soholaunch.

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