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    Beaware Servermatrix billing

    Hi all,

    This is my story with servermatrix. I post my story is not to blame anyone, but just to want everyone beaware when you cancel server with servermatrix.

    I tried to cancel 3 servers and 3 uplink ports on 22rd. I added a tikcet to ask them cancel the servers. Their accounting department asked me the reason. I kindly explain them it's my client decision, nothing wrong with their comapny.

    On 23th, I got the reply from them and they told me I need to fill out the cancellation form as well. So I did it on 24th. But this month, I still receive the billing for the 3 cancelled servers and uplink ports. The reason is they reuqire you to fill in the cancellation form 7 days before the next biling cycle.

    I feel really upset why they don't tell me I need to fill out the form at the first ticket, they just ask me the cancellation reason. I even kindly explain to them why, but what I finally get is one more month bill.

    In this story, what I learn :

    (1) They require you to fill in the cancellation form 7 days before the next billing cycle.
    (2)I got one more month bill
    (3)I feel really upset about this company (I have been with them a long time and I got many servers in SM), they should tell me at the first place to fill out the form if they see my cancellation ticket.
    (4)I know how they treat long term customer
    (5)I won't host any more servers with them and I won't referer any more clients to them

    They seems they charge me one more month, but they actaully lost something more. They lost a long term customer, they lost future referer. The amount is much llarger than the one month bill.

    So everyone here please beaware, it's not enough to post a ticket when you cancel with servermatrix, you need to fill in the form as well. Also, you need to fill it 7 days before the next biling cycle. Hopefully, my story won't happen to you.

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    • Service Cancellations must be submitted using the cancellation form inside Orbit (
    at least 7 days before your next monthly billing cycle.

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    In all fairness to SM, they are following their TOS to the letter, which was made available to you ahead of time, and you should have cancelled more than 7 days ahead of time in order to comply with it. That said, SM should give you a break because you were not informed that you had to cancel 7 days ahead of time in the very first ticket. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    While yes, their TOS does require a 7 day cancellation policy (as do most dedicated server companies), however, if he initially asked to cancel prior to the 7 day deadline you would think they would give him that one day grace as they were already aware of his intent to cancel.

    All in all it seems like they could have handled that a bit better.

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    Thanks a lot for. As I said, I understand their policy and I am not going to blame anyone. But I just feel upset why they don't remind me on their first ticket, so that I have enough time to fill in the form.

    Yes, that's right. They can handle it better.

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    I wish someone would have worked with me with my TP/SM accounting issue. It ultimately ended up as a chargeback, which will clearly override any BS TOS that you guys dont even abide by.
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