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    Quote needed for ASP / ASP.NET work.

    Hi there, Im am currently trying to get a few estimates on how much it would cost to get the following script coded. This was originally going to be a project I was going to take on but now a friend of mine wants it coded instead.

    Code must be in ASP or ASP.NET and using MySQL db.

    The overall end product would be the first step towards a community/blog site. Similar to MySpace

    1. Members Signup
    - When signing up a user would be ask the relevent info, e.g.
    Name, Age, Sex, Location etc etc (more will be discussed with whoever get the job)

    2. Members Login
    - Self explanatory

    3. Member Search
    - Seach for member with particular interest, of particular age etc etc (info from signup)

    4. Private Message
    - Send PM's to other members (like a forum)

    5. Member Homepage
    - Basically the same as MySpace, where a member gets their own home page to update with basically anything they want.

    6. Blog page
    - Self explanatory, again to be implimented into the Members Homepage.

    All editing on pages/blog should use a WYSIWYG editor, I dont mind having to purchase a control seperately but you would have to impliment it.

    Please DO NOT reply to this thread with any pricing - Send any pricing to me via PM.

    Please provide
    Estimate Length:
    Examples of past work:

    Regards =)
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    Just wondering, is it still open.
    Speciallizing in ASP.Net actually

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